Mind and Medicine

Editorial Policy

Mind and Medicine creates up to date and evidence based health articles, opinion pieces and patient stories. In each case the authors endeavour to provide the most up to date information possible, free of bias. All articles are open access and free from commercial or academic ties unless explicitly stated. Unless stated or within the 'Student' area, all authors are medically trained and advised to comment within the remits provided thereof.  

Where present, reference to clinical guidance is obtained from nationally recognised sources and accredited as such. Sources include, but are not limited to;

NICE guidance and other clinical group publications (such as BTS)
Peer reviewed journals
UK Department of Health Guidance
Published Textbooks (within reasonable date) and guidance from national bodies

Occassionally authors may choose to reference articles from national media. In these cases it is the responsibility of the author to ensure that any claims are validated and placed in context of best research,
Where there are academic differences of opinion about, for example, the best methods of treating a disease, the authors do their best to reflect all sides of the argument where there is reliable research evidence or recognised clinical practice.

Where evidence is lacking or disputed the authors attempt to make the most balanced argument possible.
All articles are reviewed internally prior to publication to check adherence to the above terms