Dr Ben Janaway

Editor and Contributor

Qualifications: MHChB BmedSci 
Linkedin: Click here
Contact:   editor@mindandmedicine.info 

Writing is my passion. Although enjoying a career in medicine, my true enjoyment comes from writing. Over the years I have found myself lucky enough to be published in mutliple journals and websites. My articles have ranged from opinion peices, to healthcare news and experimental health communication.  I regularly write for patient.co.uk and have guest features in mutliple online periodicals.

I believe that the public would benefit from a clear understanding of healthcare, ranging from the science to the politics. Health is a universal goal, and responsibility ends with the patient. The more you know, the more in charge you can be of your own health and treatment.

I have noticed a trend in media toward sensationalisation and inaccuracy. Medicine is an exciting world, and promises of new treatments and cures are often oversold.  Policy driven decisions are made in the absence of evidence, and evidence made decisions sold as emotional. It is up to us to discern the truth in an information overloaded world. I have made it my mission to sort through the rubbish and bring you the truth.   

My second passion is to tell patient stories. It is only through empathy and compassion that we can truly understand the patient narrative. Please click here to submit yours and I will happily review, edit and post it to add to our library of patient stories.